Author: Ramesh Khanal

Nepal Visit Year 2018

Nepal Visit Year 2018? The celebration of Nepal Visit Year 2018 is because Nepal was struck by earthquake 2015. When most important building, temples were collapsed. So that the after rebuild, again open the showcase of Nepal architectural beauty of Nepali people. In 2018, Nepal government is going to offer the Holidays packages, services and

Let’s go Everest !

Everest is one of the most visited places in the world. Mt. Everest is the world’s highest peak ( 8,848m) from the sea level, and base camp is the base camp of the highest peak. It is located at the elevation 5,365m/17,601ft. So, Go Everest. Lukla airport, Namche Bazaar, Syngboche Airport are first attractions. Namche

Dog Festival 2016

The dog is the most popular, faithful, and friendly animal, which is the oldest domestic animal. In different religion and society people, it has its own positions. During the Tihar, Nepali celebrate a day as a dog festival. The dog is the major religious and symbolic significance to the Aztec people of central Mexico. Similarly,

Mountain in Asia

Asia is the showcase of the Himalaya. The continent has preserved the high Himalaya in Nepal, and Pakistan. Altogether there are 14 peaks in the world above the 8000 meters. And also among of them, 8 highest peaks are in Nepal. In addition, 3 peaks in Pakistan and 1 is in China. Mt. Everest is