Best time to Nepal Holidays

Traveling somewhere is for something get to new experience, and for enjoyment.  Traveling in Himalaya it is somehow difficult but offers magnificent views of Himalaya, snow glaciers, lakes, and monasteries. Mainly, four seasons in Nepal: Spring, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. When thinking the best time to Nepal for the trek, it’s important to know when the weather is clear, the visibility of Himalaya is good, neither too cold in high Himalaya nor too hot in Terai region.

With the point of view of Trekking in Himalaya, the Autumn and Spring is the best time to go Nepal. When we compare the best season in between Spring and Autumn, the question arises which is best? Spring is the time of blooming the flower and snowing in the mountain, so for the natural views, bloomed hilly region and snowcapped mountain. Whereas Autumn is the timing of festive in Nepal. Two major festival Dashain and Tihar falls in October and November. During the spring season, there is the possibility of raining, thundering in lower altitude and snowing in Himalaya at the evening time. However, spring is the best time for climbing peaks rather than autumn. Autumn is a clear time totally get rid of poor visibility, raining, snowing. You can visit the link for:

Weather and Climate of Nepal

Winter – December – February
Spring- March- May
Monsoon-  June to August
Autumn- September to November