Where is Lumbini?

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. It is also the fountain of World Peace. One out of 4 Buddhist pilgrimage site Lumbini is the most important and also the visited one. Some time question arises where is Lumbini? It lies in southern part of Nepal in Rupendehi district. Buddhism believes that Maya Devi

Happy Earth Day 2016

Lets’ start Now and Lets’ Not Stop ! Today, 22 Apr is the 46th Earth Day, in 1970 the Year of our First Earth Day! The Movement that continues from 1970 with to inspire, challenge ideas, inflame passion and motivate the people to action. The voice of the Movement was to an emerging cognizance, changing

Nepali New Year

Nepali new year is starts from the Baishakh, the first months of Birkram Sambhat. It is started by the Indian Legendary King Vikramadity, that’s why it is also written as Vikram Sambhat too. This calendar is 56.7 years ahead than Georgian Calendar. Vikram Sambhat Calendar is practicing in Nepal, it is a Vedic Calendar using

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