Dog Festival 2016

The dog is the most popular, faithful, and friendly animal, which is the oldest domestic animal. In different religion and society people, it has its own positions. During the Tihar, Nepali celebrate a day as a dog festival.

The dog is the major religious and symbolic significance to the Aztec people of central Mexico. Similarly, in China dog is the 12 honor animal in Chinese Astrology. Chinese people celebrates the Birthday of Dog on the second day of Chinese New Year.

According to the Christianity, the dog licked the sore. The Catholic Church believed that the myth of said that in the 14th century, Saint Roch was caught by the plague, while he was in Charity program, and he went to the jungle, expecting to die. But a dog became friended with him and licked the sore, brought the meals and made him recover, from the day in Bolivia they started to celebrate the Birthday of Dog on 16th August.

Dog Festival 2016
Dog Festival 2016

Not only this the Dogs are worshiping in Nepal, and some parts of India- Himachal, North Bengal, and Sikkim. Dogs are worship during the festival of Tihar, which especially falls in November. According to the Hinduism, dogs are the door guards of Heaven and Hell, also the male dogs are regarding the Vahana, mount of God Bhairava.

Dog are also known as the K9 or K-9 ( canine). The dogs have the qualities of gain the training, and able to remember the several hand commands and verbal commands. So the police of different countries give the training to the dog and make the assistant for especially to control the drugs, crimes etc. The German shepherd is using to breed.

The Dog Festival is in October 2017
Trip in October-November Can Attend the Dog Festival