Information of Bhutan Visa

Among the nations India, Maldives, and Bangladesh citizens can receive the visa in the entry port or airport. But only get the visa by presenting the valid passport. And the Indian citizen also gets the visa by using their voter identity card. In spite of for all other tourists must obtain the visa prior to travel in Bhutan. For Bhutan visa all, you can apply in online, or go through the valid registered tour operator of Bhutan, or foreign travel agent.

Bhutan Visa

The visa iBhutan Visas proceeded by the  Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). And you need to wired full payment of your holidays cost with the US $ 40 for visa fee. Once the TCB received the amount you will get the visa clearance letter. It is necessary that to show the visa clearance letter in the airport or entry port.

Generally, the government of Bhutan charges per day cost, as per season. US$ 250 is for high season and the US $ 200 is for low season per day cost. The minimum daily package includes the visa processing fees, accommodation, food, guide and vehicle with driver.