Nepali New Year

Nepali new year is starts from the Baishakh, the first months of Birkram Sambhat. It is started by the Indian Legendary King Vikramadity, that’s why it is also written as Vikram Sambhat too. This calendar is 56.7 years ahead than Georgian Calendar. Vikram Sambhat Calendar is practicing in Nepal, it is a Vedic Calendar using the Lunar calendar and Solar siderel year and calculating by tropical year.

Nepal is a small country with various cultures, cast and religions. So, There are other more calendar are also practicing in Nepal. Nepal sambhat is one of them it is a calendar of Newari cast.

Nepali Calendar is as follows:

  1. Baishakh
  2. Jestha
  3. Ashaad
  4. Srawan
  5. Bhadra
  6. Aaswin
  7. Kartik
  8. Margsir
  9. Poush
  10. Magh
  11. Falgun
  12. Chaitra