Tengboche Monastery- Khumbu

Nepal is the country of Lord Buddha. Buddha was born in Lumbini, and he spread the Buddhism in all over the world. Monastery, Gomba, and Stupa are the place of worship and meditation, that had have been practicing Buddhism. Following the Buddhism there were so many monasteries, Gombas and Stupas had been built. Build the

Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan is physically tough but worthwhile outdoors of south Asia. The trek begins from lowland remote to high altitude. The trail of Bhutan is almost going through the pine forest with crossing the suspension bridges. Bhutan trekking is a beautiful combination of mountain creases, snowy passes, and summits. As well as the natural

Himalayan Base Camp

Nepal is the Himalayan Kingdom in the world. The northern side of Nepal is covered with snow-capped mountain from east to west. And also the world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest is standing in the Nepal. Among the world’s highest peak eight of them are in Nepal. And there are more than 100s of regular hiking