Ram Nawami

Happy Ram Nawami

Rama Navami is one of the greatest festivals of Hindu people, celebrates the birthday of Rama. He was the son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya of kingdom Ayodhya. According to the Hindu myth, Ram was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is the oldest avatar of Lord in form of human.

Ram Nawami1 falls in Sukla Pakshya in the ninth day of Chaitra according to the Hindu calendar. In this special day, all the pilgrims will gather at Ram Mandir, worship of Lord Ram and distribute the Prasad after finishing the Puja and Aarati.

The important celebration of the festival is in Ram Mandir of Janakapur in Nepal and Ayodhya in India, where thousands of devotees gather, sings, dance. Also, they do Rathyatra, the chariot procession which significance that Shuva Yatra for Lord Ram, his consort Sita, his brother Laxman and Hanuman.