Things to do in Pokhara

You have not seen all Nepal if you have not been to Pokhara.

Pokhara has been a popular destination since the decade of 1960. It lies in the 200km west of Kathmandu. It is the touristic hub of Nepal, and also the gateway of Annapurna trek. Annapurna sanctuary, circuit, Poon Hill are the popular destination and trekking route around the world. Pokhara is a container of touristic sites. It is the paradise of tourist. There are the various things to do in Pokhara; rafting, paragliding, hiking, boating and also some amazing skies activities, such as Paragliding, Ultralight aircraft, Heli sightseeing and more.

What to do in Pokhara

Pokhara valley is the only one valley from where we can see the view of above 8000m Himalaya from the base of 800m. It is the enchanting valley nestled in the tranquil environment. Pokhara is also considering as the paradise in Nepal. Pokhara is the city of Adventure, Relaxation, and Experience Paradise.


  1. Paragliding : 
    Just imagine,  the moment of sharing the same airspace with the Himalayan griffin eagle and vultures over the rivers, lake, and villages.
  2. Ultralight Aircraft:
    It fulfills the dream of flying as like birds, soar the heights, breath in the cloud over the rivers, valley, and lakes. Reach out for the mountain and kiss the azure sky.
  3. Mountain Flight: 
    Mountain flight offers the awesome views of world’s tallest mountain of Annapurna Region. It is very much interesting for those people who have already done trekking because it gives the completely different view of mountains.
  4. Rafting:
    Either you can do kayak in Phewa lake or rafting in Seti River, Pokhara has it all. The snow-fed rivers run through and surrounding area making the Pokhara is the best rafting destination. You can raft on Marshyangdi, Trishuli and Kali Gandaki.
  5. Bungee Jump:
    It is the first towering bungee in Nepal. 70m verticle drop in 3sec with the spellbinding view of Himalaya, rivers, and valley. It is just close to Lakeside of Pokhara. It is a different experience than Bhotekoshi.
  6. Zipflyer:
    It is the first zip flyer in Nepal. This zip flyer incline at 56 degrees with 1.8 km long. The verticle drop is 600m. It claims the longest, tallest and also the steepest zip line around the world.


Besides the adventurous life, it is also the most popular for relaxing place.

  1. Boating: 
    Sailing the boat on the lakes over the shadows of Mountains. Going with beloved, family over the blue water is incomparable relaxing of life.
  2. Fishing:
    Pokhara is the city of lakes, rivers. Mountain rivers and lakes are the best spots for Sahar, Kattle ( Nepali Native species- carp family) eel and catfish. So, fishing in the Pokhara is the very good popular spot.



  • Panoramic Mountain Views:
    It is the valley lies in the elevation of 800m with the view above the 8000m. We can see the Mt. Machhapurchhre ( Fishtail), Mt. Annapurna series.
  • Lakes:
    Pokhara is the valley of Lakes. There are altogether five lakes but mostly  3 lakes: Fewa, Rupa and Begnas are very much popular.
  • Seti River:
    Seti river runs from the heart of Pokhara. It is also popular with the gorge. There is a bridge that is the major spot to see the gorge.
  • Davi’s Falls: 
    It is the major attractions of Pokhara. A heavy fall of water in natural trench create the amazing rainbow with sunlight.


  • Mahendra Cave:
    Mahendra cave was discovered in 1978 and again explored by Daniel Gebuer in 1980. The cave is about 215 meters long. The entrance of this cave is 16 meters long and the center is only 3.5 meters wide.
  • Bat Cave:
    Bat cave is the home of bats, where we see the bats are hanging in the ceiling of the cave. It is located in the north end of the valley at Batulechaur. It is only 10km from the lakeside.
  • Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
    Guptesshwor Mahadev Cave is located in the southeast part of Pokhara at Chhorepatan. The cave was discovered in 1992.  The cave is damp and stairs are slippery. A drop of water is continuously dripping from the ceiling but the electric light bulb emits enough light so that stair is adequate visible.


The regional museum of Pokhara has displaced the large collection of ethnic costumes, ornament, musical instruments, utensils, agriculture tools, hunting kits, smoking pipes, coins, and also the manuscripts.

  • International Mountain Museum
    Mountain Museum is the storeroom of the original gears of the first mountain climbers. And also showcase of history, culture, geology and flora and fauna of Himalaya.
  • Gurkha Museum
    Gurkha Museum is the museum of Gorkha Regime – British and India. It displays the special photograph regimental life. We can get details of Victoria Cross- given by Queen Elizabeth to the brave soldiers.
  • Annapurna Museum
    Annapurna museum is also known as the Natural History Museum.  It displays the exceptional collection of butterflies, birds, and wildlife, as well as precious and semi-precious stones volcanic rocks.


  • Barahi Temple
    Barahi Temple lies in the small island of Phewa Lake in Pokhara. It takes less than the 10 minute to reach on the boat. In the tranquil atmosphere, we can enjoy the green forest scenery just beyond the south end of the lake, and amazing reflection of Mountain Fishtail and Annapurna.
  • Bindabasini Temple
    Bindabasini temple is located in the small hill at the north end of Old Bazaar. It claims the oldest temple of the valley, and also the best spot of the wedding.  In the lucky days, we can see the wedding ceremony in Hindu culture, which is very interesting.
  • Bhadrakali Temple and Buddhist monastery
    At Metepani, just 4KM away from Pokhara Airport there is a temple and monastery. It is the perfect witness of harmony in between the religions. It is a proper location for the half day hike and also for watching the birds & butterflies.
  • World Peace Pagoda
    World peace stupa is the huge stupa located in the hilltop of Rani Ban just behind the Fewa Lake. It symbolizes the peace, where the immense stupas have been installed from Japan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It is also the best viewpoint for Pokhara.

So finally, Pokhara is the best destination in Nepal. If you are thinking about Nepal, Pokhara is waiting for you. You can Do Nepal Vista Tour that includes the complete to do in Pokhara tour.