Tips for Island Peak Climbing

Are you planning to climb up Island Peak, wait and review your plan? Do you prepare in both way mentally, and physically, if yes, then here are some tips for Island Peak Climbing might be helpful for you?

Special Training:

Climb up Island Peak is strenuous, and it is just after you a week trekking in Himalaya, that is also tough walk. Island peak climb starts from 5100m and reaches 6189m. Climb up peak involves scrambling path, steep rocky scree, and sheer headwall all the way to top. The climbing guide also gives some special training including using the climbing gears at Base Camp and High Camp and plus 3-4 hours hikes in a day.

Ready your boots: 

It is important to buy boots at least a week before and make habitual. Generally, the mountain boots are somehow heavy and also notably rigid. And some boots makes blisters on the foot so significantly make sure the boots are comfortable. If the boots hurt and burn the pain then it might be the reason of unsuccess.

Must have right Gear:

Climb up Island peak is difficult, and weather of mountain is very changeable. So, it is very important to choose the better gears: After Chhukung there is no guesthouse so have to stay in tented camp. It is about 2 or 3 days. Inside the tent, the sleeping bag and mattress that you are using or provided one must have to good one. The temperature ranging from +15 degree celsius from -20-degree celsius. The wearing clothes, gloves, socks all must have good quality and warmer. Plus, you climber have to know the what kinds of ropes are using, new or used one, other technically significant equipment, such as harness, ascender. zoomer etc. If know about how to tie the different types of knots, mainly the 8 figure, overhand, and Italian Hitch knots are the most using in Island Peak.

Well Trained Guide:

The guide/ sherpa for Island peak must have a qualified, experienced climbing sherpa. It is very important, sometimes the routes of peak might be swept away and have to open the new one by the safe way. And also somewhere might be using the ladder to cross and climb. The guide is also needed to cook the meals so s/he must have to know the knowledge of cooking as well, otherwise the problems such as food poisoning.

Well managed Itinerary:

We are going to walking in high altitude which involves the several nights above the 4000m. So, we must have the well-scheduled itinerary with adequate acclimatization days. For a peak we have spent massive amount, so for good result, we must have planned, and better itinerary. In the standard itinerary, Namche (3441m) and Dingboche (4410m) are the major acclimatizations day. And an additional night at Island Peak Base Camp (50,80m), and 5,500m to 6,189m is climax night.