Tips for Trekkers Dreaming of the Mountain

Trekking in Nepal is the dream of all adventurous. But to successfully complete the trek is not easy as we think and also not hard that much. We compete with various things during the trek. There are the factors that play the role to bring obstacles. We heard the news about avalanches, accidents, and AMS in Himalaya. What to do? Does it mean we skip the trek? No, we can heal the problem and success our trek. Here are some basic but most important trekking tips for dreaming of the mountain.


Do it Yourself:

What is the trekking level, and your fitness? The decision made with your personal experience, and ease in mountains. Just be sure your choice matches the experiences and ability to make a good decision while going wrong. Do not decide any treks with the cost, you have various options. Choose the local organizer who has the ability, and recommended. Then you will get good services.

Hiring the Guide and Porter:

Even if you are not going to any trekking agencies. You must have to hire at least a porter to carry your bags and also for good guidance. The porters are not fluent in English but they can give you a better way to reach the destination. However, if you hire a registered trekking guide, s/he has a good knowledge of mountains, routes, and languages. The guides have knowledge of first aid, acute mountain sickness, and safety.

Trekking Tips

Basic Knowledge of Geography:

Before you confirm the trip, you should know that how is the geography? Where are you going? It is very important to know before you commence. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya is that without touching snow, crampons be at high elevation. Some trekking routes reach above 18000 ft from the sea level. Every trekker should know how to recognize AMS, also know how to avoid AMS.


The weather of mountains is very much changeable. Even though we have to check the general conditions before leaving for the trek. We keep continuing to check the weather forecast while in mountains. There are some free weather forecast websites they are doing a good job.

Medical Kit and Insurance:

Trekking route of Nepal has not the good facility of medical. So, in each every trek you must have some basic medicine. And also the knowledge of medication as well. However, the guide will have the extensive medical kit. The trekkers should have insured with covering Helicopter Evacuation.

trekking medical kit