Wedding in Everest Base Camp Kalapathar

Ivan and Jesse planned to the wedding in Everest Base Camp. They gave the name “HappilyEverestAfter” of the event.  It is the base camp of world’s highest peak. They met each other at the fireworks’ show in 2010 A.D at Idaho Falls, ID and instantly they fell in love. It is the witness of the true love of gay. They engaged in July 2017 and married in March 2018 at Everest Base Camp.

Ivan, Jesse and their group booked a trip with us from 10 March to 25 March. As per fixed itinerary, the group moved to Everest on 10 March. The trip began leading by guide Gyanu.

As per the itinerary group reached Everest Base Camp and Kalapathar on 18 & 19 March 2018. That was the climax of trip and lifetime achievement of the group.  Throughout the schedule, Ivan and Jesse dress up the wedding suite and married above the 5000 meter from sea level. Our guides and assistant offered the Khada, Dhaka Topi and blessing them.

Gay Couple in wedding suit at Everest Ivan and Jesse in Kalapathar Getting married in Kalapathar, Everest Nepal Ivan and Jesse getting married in Kalapathar, Everest

Wedding in Everest Base Camp:

The elevation of Everest Base Camp is 5364m from the sea level. It is one of the challenging trips of Nepal, but the guys choose the location for the wedding ceremony. A totally different idea and thought. Yes, at the Everest there are few couples got married. But the wedding ceremony of Gay Couple is the first event that was happened at Everest.

We got the opportunity to organize the trip to Everest Base Camp, Amadablam Base Camp with Gokyo Ri Chola Pass. It is almost complete trekking route of Everest Region. We congratulate both of you, Ivan and Jesse. Have a great life ahead.


the_best_true_lover_gay_Ivan_and_Jesse_Everest_Kalapathar_TrekIn Wedding suite at Kalapathar Everest