Where is Lumbini?

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. It is also the fountain of World Peace. One out of 4 Buddhist pilgrimage site Lumbini is the most important and also the visited one. Some time question arises where is Lumbini? It lies in southern part of Nepal in Rupendehi district. Buddhism believes that Maya Devi and King Sudhodhan gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam nearby Pushkarini pond on the day of Baishakh Purnima.  On the Full Moon day in 623BC. Lumbini is also enlisted on the UNESCO world heritage site.

Buddhist Monks Praying
Buddhist Monks Praying

The sacred garden of Lumbini creates peace atmosphere, spiritual, universal brotherhood, and nonviolence. Other rests of the sacred zone are Mayadevi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, Pushkarini Pond.  Mayadevi temple is the most important monument in the garden and also the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The architecture of the temple had created in 7th century BC. And later on the Indian emperor Ashoka in 249 BC had erected a pillar in the western part of Mayadevi temple. The pillar proves that Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini. Todays, this pillar is known as the Ashoka Pilar.

The festival Buddha Purnima is largely celebrated in Nepal, India as well as Asian country. Because the Buddha Purnima is the born date of Lord Buddha. Buddha is considered as the ‘Light of Asia.’ And also the leaders of the spirituality, brotherhood, and nonviolence. Buddha had developed the

Panchasheel principle:

Not to take life, Not to Steal, Not to Lie, Not to Consume liquor and Commit adultery


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