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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is you licensed trekking/travel agency?
ANS. - Yes, we are registered under the Government of Nepal, Travel and Tourism Ministry. For more please visit Legal Documents.

Q. What are the procedures to book the trip?
ANS.- After choosing the trip that you want do, then follow the link Booking form. Once when you summit the form you will get email and you need to make deposit to confirm the trip.

Q. When is the best season for treks in Nepal?

ANS.– From March to mid of June and September to December is the best season for treks.

Q. When is the best season for treks in Tibet?
ANS.-The best season for Tibet trek is May to September.

Q. When is the best season for treks in Bhutan?
ANS.- Autumn and spring are the best season for Bhutan.

Q. What is the fitness required for the treks?

ANS.- Generally the treks of Nepal required the good physical and health condition, and also able to walk 4- 7hrs in day at high altitude.

Q. Do you peak me up at the Airport upon my arrival?
ANS. - Yes, our airport representative welcomes you at airport and transfer to the hotel in a private tourist vehicle.

Q. Does your guide/porter speak English?
ANS.- Definitely they speak English. All the guides are professional and due to the professionalism they speak good English.  The guide’s English is enough to explain about the local culture, activities, and religions.

Q. Are the treks and tours secured? What about the security?
ANS.- Provide the security to our clients is principal of us. The government licensed holder guides and other crew members are carefully chosen for your trip.  Even though, would like to counsel you to take care of your personal equipment, bags. If you doing a teahouse trek your accommodation will be arranged in a local guesthouse, where you have to be precaution yourself at all time. And if you are in a camping trek always keep your own bags inside the tent and while in nighttime please keep your bag in the middle of the tent. The camping leader assigns a Sherpa as a guard throughout the nighttime.

Q. What sort of ground transportation you use?
ANS.- Normally we assign a car up to 2 PAX and Jeep for up to 5 PAX and then Micro Bus for up to 14 PAX and Coster and Sutlej Bus depending on group size. There are some trekking routes, which are dirt road for them we assign 4WD Jeeps.

Q. Are the staffs insured of your company?
Yes, all of the staffs and crew members are insured. Visit Insurance Policy

Q- Should I need to join the group?
Joining in a group is depending on your booking method, if you have booked for Private Trip  then you will not join. Otherwise normally the same trip is departing in a same day then the group will be joined.

Q. Do you arrange the private trip?
Yes, we will arrange private tour.

Q. How big is a group size?
We will try to arrange small group of willing people, which immortalized the treks. Normally we encompass 12 -16 people in a group. (This is not to apply for them who want to do Private Trip, no minimum and maximum for them.)

Q. Is the drinking water okay? Or I need to use tablets?
For drinking water you can buy bottle water that purified mineral water in teahouse trek. And in camping trek the camping cook provides you boiled water.  For some case it would be better to have some purification tablets that you can buy in Kathmandu.

Q. What are the accommodations and meals like?
All the meals that you provided are hygienic and fresh. While you are in camping trek you get meals prepared by professional camping cook and if you are doing teahouse trek you will be served the main course that you can get in major city.  For accommodation in the camping trek you will have a tent with good qualities mattress and sleeping bag. And if you are in teahouse trek you will normal twin sharing room in basic facilities with warm mattress and blanket, and also we provide sleeping bag if you need.

Q. Is the shower facility during the tour/trek?
Yes, you can have shower during the trek. In camping trek you will get shower in shower tent which is basically provide 3-4 times in whole trek it is depending on the duration of the trek.  And in a teahouse trek we will provide you attached room where is possible and the rest of town you will payable shower.

Q. Do you provide any equipment for the trek?
Apex the Asia Holidays provides you a basic equipment like Sleeping Bag, Down Jacket, for teahouse trek, and common climbing equipment for peak climbing and then in the camping trek the basic things that are included in price.

Q. What is the highest and lowest temperature during the tour / trek?
The temperature is depending on the trekking/ tour season that you choose.  If you in Himalaya trek the lowest temperature of Kathmandu (Starting point) is 15 degree Celsius in mid night, and in mountain -15 degree Celsius.

Q. Is there any possibility to communicate in my hometown?
Yes, you can. In the Everest and Annapurna region you can connect via Phone, Internet both is available in most of town and, in Langtang and other some remote trekking route you can use satellite phone that are carry by you trek guide.

Q. Can I charge the batteries of cameras, phones?
Yes, you can charge your devices, but recommended you to bring your plugs, chargers and also do not leave unattended anything while charging in a lobby or somewhere in trekking guesthouse. And if you are in camping trek it’s quite hard to charge the phone so advising to bring portable charge.

Q. Is it possible to use credit card during the trek/ tour?
Using card is not possible in all trekking town except Namche of Everest region. But in the cities you can use the cards.
Q. Is it possible to extend trip?
Sure, you can extend your entire trip and also you can do extended trip.

Q. Can I change my itinerary?
Yes, customizing the itineraries is the feature of Apex the Asia Holidays.

Q. Do you arrange the International and domestic flights?
Yes, we can do as per clients’ require. Normally, we arrange all domestic flights and if you required we can arrange also international tickets.

Q. Do I need to tip the guide and porters? What is the standard tip?
Tips is expected by your team members and normally the standard is 10% of your total trip cost.

Q. What is Trek?
Trek is the way of exploring the places on foot specially walk in the himalaya just for fun and enjyoment but quite more difficult.

Q. Where is Nepal?
Nepal is located in South East Asia. 27°42′N 85°19′E.

Q. Where is Everest Base Camp?
Everest Base Camp is located in the eastern part of Nepal is Solukhumbu district and controlled by Sagaramatha National Park.

Q. What is Namche?
Namhce is a traditional Sherpa market of Sulukhumbu district, it is also the main getway of Everest region.

Q. Where is Namche Bazaar?
Namche bazaar is pinpointed in Everest region, one of the best and popular trading market of Sherpa.

Q. What is the time zone of Nepal?
NPT (UTC+05:45)

Q. Does guides are first aid trained licnese?
Yes, all the guides have first aid trained.

Q. How far is the trek to Everest Base Camp?
Everest Base Camp is 65 Kilometer form Lukla and Lukla is 35 minutes fly from TIA domestic terminal.

Q. How high is the Namche Bazaar?
Namche bazaar is located at the altitude of 3,541meters.

Q. How many days does it takes to climb Mt. Everest?
Generally it takes more than 60 days. Nepal Mountaineering Assocaiation will issue the 90 days permit.

Q. Where is the Everest Base Camp?
Everest Base Camp is located in Eastern Part of Nepal.


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I have never thought of myself as a hiker or a trekker, but somehow, the idea of trekking through the Himalayas and venturing through Nepals and the worlds highest mountain seems exhilarating and almost out of reach. I did the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in October 2013, and it was and still is one of the best experience in my life. We had Gyanu as our guide for the entire trip and not only has he been patient with a beginner trekker like myself, he explained and shared with us his cult Linda Nguyen
Victoria Australia
Trip Name: Trip Name: Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal)

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