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History and Geography

According to the Gopal Vansawali, Gopals were the genealogy of Nepal Monarch, and they were following by Mahispal and Kirati. Though, we do not have the archeological evidences before the dynasty of Lichhivi and Malla.

After decline the Lichhivi dynasty in 4th century Thakuri started to rule and later in 12th century the leaders were emerged from the far western of Nepal, they were the initial phase of Malla. They ruled over 200 years until country splintered in several states and the King Jaysthiti Malla ruled over the country from 14th century in regards to unify. However, the kingdom was divided into three states Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur in 1482.

In the mid 18th century king of Gorkha, Prithivi Naryan Shah continue to unify the country with bringing the arms from India. And finally succeed to unify the country, the dynasty was continuing until 2008 and then declined the Shaha dynasty, the last Shah king was Gyanendra Shah and Nepal became a Federal Republic country.


The land-locked country Nepal is situated between China to the North and India to the South East and West, which are the two giant countries of Asia. The area of Nepal is 1, 47,181 sq. km. In total which covers 0.3 percent of Asia and 0.03 percent area of the Earth. It lies between the latitude of 26’ 22’ and 30’ 27’ North and the longitude of 80’ 4’ and 88’ 12’ East. The country is small only about 880 km. long from East to West and breadth varies from 145 to 241 km from north to South. So the average breadth is 193 km, which covers approximately the same land area.

Himalayan Region (Northern part of Nepal)
The Himalayan region covers 15 percent of the total land area which lies in the northern side of country lying horizontally in the altitude of 4700m and above. In this region, white snow falls every season. So we found here, several mountains with Mt Everest (8848m), give pleasure to all mankind. Another attraction of this region is several Kundas (Big Lakes) and also several national parks, and wildlife reserves with Sagarmatha National Park, which is known as a world heritage site. In this region settlement of only SHERPA can be found. In snow season, YETI and bear footprints can be seen.

Hilly  Region (Middle part of Nepal)
The Hilly region covers 68 percent of the total land area. It is formed by the Mahabharat range that soars to touch mountain regions in the altitude of 600 m to 4700 m height. In winter, snow may fall in high hills. This region is formed with beautiful valleys like Kathmandu and Pokhara, which is now famous for its fascinating lakes in Pokhara Fewa, Begnas, and Rupa. Tilicho Lake in the Manang District, which is known as the highest lake in the world, is situated at 5180m on the bottom of Tilicho peak. Swimming and boating in these lakes be can enjoy by everyone. The three major rivers Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali come out from Himalaya and flow through this region.

Tarai Region (Southern part of Nepal)
The Terai region covers 17 percent of the total land area. This is a plain land area of Nepal in the altitude of 70m above sea level to 600 m in height. This region is home to religious places, national parks, and wildlife reserves. The famous religious places are Janakpur, Lumbini and Barahachhetra. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha who is the activator of world peace. There are four national parks and wildlife reserves in this region, among them are Royal Chitwan National park, which is the most famous for rhinoceros.

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I have never thought of myself as a hiker or a trekker, but somehow, the idea of trekking through the Himalayas and venturing through Nepals and the worlds highest mountain seems exhilarating and almost out of reach. I did the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in October 2013, and it was and still is one of the best experience in my life. We had Gyanu as our guide for the entire trip and not only has he been patient with a beginner trekker like myself, he explained and shared with us his cult Linda Nguyen
Victoria Australia
Trip Name: Trip Name: Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal)

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